The Shop

Founded in 2013 by Brian Whitson, Fiction Addiction has been a second home to many in need of unique comic & toy collectibles! Whether it's a hard to find graded 9.8 New Mutants issue #98 or some Third-Party Transformers,  we have helped many fans find what they are looking for! Even if they didn't know they needed it in the first place! We have since shifted focus to more Collectible Toys and Figures than comics but we still have a good selection of Golden and Silver Age Books! We are currently planning to move into a new location with more retail space! More space means more merchandise and we will hopefully be able to get back into providing our area with ALL their comic needs!!!

Brian Whitson  - Owner

A life long fan of comics and collectible toys (Transformers in particular) Brian has had a life long dream of running his own Comic & Toy Shop! In 2013 Brian was able to realize his dream and opened up Fiction Addiction, centered in his home town of Erwin, He has helped many kids AND adults find either that missing piece for a prized collection or just direct them into a new line of comics that they wouldn't have checked out otherwise! Always looking to move things forward, he has renovated the shop time and time again to help accommodate for an expanding clientele of Tabletop gamers, console gamers, and the more hardcore of collectors! He is also in the process of opening up a new Bar & Grill in the Erwin area!


Luis Ocon - Clerk/Technomancer


Full-time Nerd and Part-Time Geek, Luis started hanging around the shop in late 2013 and quickly grew a shine to it! Diving full on into comics for the first time, He realized how much fun the whole world of comics & toys can be! He helps out around the shop and deals with a lot of the online presence of Fiction Addiction! (Yes, I am typing my own Bio...weird, I know.) With the help of his production company Shadow Crave Studios, he is working on the video production parts of all the reviews in The Mana Lounge section of the website!